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Hello, my name is Gregory Rodriguez! I'm proud to have been born in Toronto, Ontario and have lived in North York for most of my life. My family and I are practicing Catholics and are active volunteers and leaders in the community. We've resided in Toronto for over 60 wonderful years and have experienced both the positive and negative changes that have occurred in the city. This brings me to why I'm seeking your vote in the 2022 Municipal election.

As a Catholic, I have seen for many years now the gradual decline in the practice of our faith, as well as an increasing lack of acceptance and respect from the public, politicians, and special interest groups. I believe that the real key to progress is to focus on what unites us through community engagement, sport, and striving to live as Jesus would want us to. This applies to both society as a whole, but also to our Catholic education system here in Toronto.

Currently the Toronto Catholic District School Board is bogged down in red tape, with many decisions being influenced by special interest groups rather than critical thinking and Catholic values. This is why I have decided to stand strong and defend, uphold, and bring the Catholic values of Faith, Hope and Love to the students, parents, and faculty members of the TCDSB.

As your TCDSB ward 3 trustee, with your support, we can not only change lives but save them as well. We need you! We need you to get involved, participate in the community, and help spread our values of Faith, Hope and Love. I'm asking you to join my team by not only donating if you have the capacity to do so, but by also offering a bit of your time to volunteer, working together with me to make our schools and community the best they can be.

"Will you step up to go arm and arm with me to say, you know what? Not on our watch. Not anymore. We're here to defend our faith. I don't know what my future holds, but I know who holds my future."

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