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My Platform

So people want know what my platform is & my approach would be if elected as TCDSB Ward 3 Trustee.

I will be pushing for :

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* Welcome & treat all students with respect, dignity & have guaranteed access to safe inclusive equal opportunistic environments while ensuring that all school activities, actions & symbols reflect authentic Catholic teachings & principals.

*Advocate for smaller class sizes & critical infrastructure upgrades to improve our students & educators performance & quality of life.

* Holding the bus transportation department more accountable when it comes to communications & delivery of our students.

* All constituents & parents will have transparent & equal access to board policies & agendas.

*Parents will be treated as "first Educators" with a democratic process called "the 4 corners approach" (the ward is divided into 4 quadrants & each week 1 quadrant will have a meeting to discuss / vote on agendas & discuss issues within the quadrants).

*All board policies & decisions will be made inline with catholic values.

* Revamp & convert school infrastructure to become environmentally friendly & self-sufficient.

* Create more School board operated & structured options for extra-curricular activities & after school programs.

*Revamp our sports program within the board to make it more competitive, educational & a potential source of revenue.

* Revamp the special needs program with more EA's & special needs professionals to provide intense behavioral therapy if requested by the parent along with an after school respite program.

* To have representation from the Catholic Archdioceses present at all board meetings giving religious & moral guidance on policies & motions.

* Committed to helping ward 2 candidate Gabriella Mazarakis bring her motion of having a skilled trades program installed in our curriculum to give students great opportunities & career choices.

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